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Frequently asked questions:

  • I am a beginner, which courses can I take part in?
    Pilates and Yamuna Courses:
    At the moment I'm not running a beginners course, however you have the option to join one of my existing courses once you have taken part in a trial lesson or after a one-2-one /introductory session.

    Introductory lesson/one-2-one:
    I strongly recommend all beginners take a one2one and private consultation with me.
    There to learn the most important basic principles and in this way I can assess which class would be most suitable.

    Trial lesson:
    If you already have experience in Pilates or bodywork methods such as yoga,
    you can join one of our existing courses for a trial lesson.
    This is only possible on the first day of a new course at the beginning of the trimester e.g January, April or September.
    For exact dates please go to our course overview page.

    Yamuna Workshops:
    You can take part in all Yamuna workshops even without prior experience.
  • Advanced, Intermediate…What is the difference?
    Pilates courses are often advertised with different levels:

    Fundamentials: for complete beginners and beginners. In this class you will get to know the basic principals of Pilates.
    Basic: for everyone who is already familiar with the fundamentals.
    Intermediate: for participants who have attended at least 2O classes.
    Advanced: for participants who have attended at least 30 classes.
  • What Clothing/equipment do I need to participate?
    Comfortable attire, possibly a small towel and a smile…;-)
    For Yamuna Body Rolling workshops and courses, best is close-fitting clothing that allows for full movement: optimally, tights and leotards or very close-fitting stretch pants/leggings and stretch t-shirts. Clothing should not be too thick, or it will be difficult to feel the ball. Nor should it be too slippery, since the ball will slip off it. Baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts tend to bunch up or get stuck under the ball and make moving it more difficult. If you wear a t-shirt, tuck it in. 
  • I want my own Yamuna balls, where can I buy these?
    Yamuna accessories such as balls, foot wakers etc are available to buy just contacting any Yamuna Practitioner. You can contact me if you need some.
  • I am in pain, can I still participate in a class?
    If you are in pain you should consult your doctor/practitioner.
    In many cases specific exercises and can help combat the pain but often it's better to rest and wait for the pain to go away.
    Please make sure to contact me before a class if you are in pain!
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