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What is Yamuna Body Rolling ?

Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a self care method and therapeutic technique, which combines health, well-being and injury prevention.
It is a self-massage where the ball becomes the hands of the therapist and the person’s weight creates the traction, movement and release on the ball; thus to organize the body bringing all the parts back to working the way they should and can be!

It grew out of Yamuna® Body Logic, developed by Yamuna Zake (N.Y) over twenty years ago. In Body Logic, Yamuna exerted traction on a muscle by using one elbow to apply pressure at the point where a muscle began and the other hand to pull the muscle in its natural direction, toward its insertion. The result was greater length in the muscle, decompressing bones, joints and nerves.
Benefits of Yamuna® Body Rolling:

• Tones and elongates muscles
• Improves alignment
• Increases circulation
• Develops and maintains core strength
• Stimulates nerve roots
• Stimulates organs
• Increases metabolism
• Relaxes the nervous system
• Expands the lungs and deepens breathing
• Increases body awareness
  • Basic Principles of Yamuna® Body Rolling:
    Archetypon Organizer
    Raum schaffen
    Einschränkungen, Schmerz und Unwohlsein liegt meistens ein Platzmangel zu Grunde. Wenn jemand Schmerzen empfindet, die von Verrenkungen, Muskelkrämpfen oder entzündeten Nerven ausgelöst wurden, lastet ein besonderer Druck oder eine Einschränkung auf der betroffenen Körperregion. Allgemein sind Schmerz, Verkürzung, Enge, Entzündung, Verkümmerung oder Nervenschmerzen immer Folge von „Platzmangel“. Das Ziel von YBR ist es, wieder Raum zu schaffen, indem die volle Länge der betroffenen Muskeln wiederhergestellt wird: ihre optimale Ausdehnung im ganzen Körper führt zur Wiederherstellung des vollen Bewegungsumfangs in allen Gelenken.

    die natürliche Ordnung wiederherstellen
    Der Körper hat eine natürliche Logik und Ordnung, womit wir in zweifacher Weise arbeiten:     
    > erstens, Muskelentspannung vom Ursprung hin zum Ansatz. Wir stimulieren den Muskel an seinem Ursprung, wodurch die Muskelfasern in die Länge Richtung Ansatz gezogen werden und damit Raum zu ihrer Ausbreitung geschaffen wird. Ein besonderes und einzigartiges Merkmal von YBR ist, dass es jeden Muskel zur Entspannung und Entfaltung führt.
    > zweitens arbeiten wird systematisch, beginnend bei den Knochen, dann gehen wir zu den Sehnen und schließlich zu den Muskeln über. Dabei arbeiten wir uns von den größeren Muskelgruppen zu den kleineren vor.

    Stimulierung der Knochen
    Knochenstimulation ist ein weiterer einzigartiger Bestandteil dieser Methode. Wir beginnen immer mit der Stimulierung eines Knochens, dann rollen wir zu den Sehnen und schließlich zum Muskel. Diese Knochenstimulierung ist der Grund, warum YBR sehr schnell strukturelle Verbesserung bringt. Die direkte Druckeinwirkung auf einen Knochen löst Entspannung in allen Sehnen und Muskeln aus, die mit diesem Knochen in Verbindung stehen.
    Um diese Stimulation in Gang zu bringen, platziert man den Ball am Ursprung eines Muskels auf einem Knochen und wartet. Der Druck des Körpers auf den Ball fördert die Durchblutung der Sehne, diese gibt nach und löst Entspannung im Muskel aus. Mit Hilfe der Muskelstimulierung kann YBR Osteoarthritis, Osteoporose und andere Knochenschwächungen lindern.

    Ziehen schafft Raum
    Die Anwendung einer Zugkraft auf einen Muskel gibt ihm die Richtung der Entspannung an. In YBR übt das Gewicht des Körpers, der auf den Ball drückt, einen Zug am Muskelursprung aus, der die Erinnerung an seine eigentliche Funktionsweise wiedererweckt und ihn dazu bringt, sich in seiner natürlichen Richtung vom Ursprung hin zum Ansatz zu entspannen. Auf diese Weise dehnt sich der Muskel in seiner gesamten Länge und schafft Raum.
    yamuna zake
    Creating Space
    Restriction, pain and discomfort are caused by lack of space. 
    When a person has pain due to sprain, muscle spasm, or nerve impingement, there is compression or restriction in the affected area of the body.  In general, whenever there is pain, contraction, tightness, inflammation, atrophy or nerve pain, there will be lack of space.  The goal of YBR is to create space by restoring length to the involved muscles.  Creating optimum space throughout the body restores full range of motion in all joints.
    yamuna zake
    Restoring the natural logic and order of the body.
    We work with the body’s own natural logic and order in two ways:
    > First, muscles release from origin toward insertion.  We stimulate a muscle at it’s origin, which elongates the muscle fibers toward their insertion point, showing the muscle how much space it has to expand into.  A major component of YBR’s uniqueness is that it educates each muscle to release and take it’s optimal space.
    > Second, we work systematically, starting with bone, then working tendons, and finally muscle.  We start with the larger muscle groups, then work through the smaller ones.
    yamuna zake
    Stimulation of bone
    Bone stimulation is another unique component of this work.  We always begin by stimulating bone, and then roll out into tendon and finally muscle.  Stimulation of bone is the reason why YBR can rapidly create positive structural changes.  Applying direct pressure to a bone will initiate release of the tendons of all the muscles that have attachments anywhere on that bone.  Release of tendon will in turn release muscle.
    To apply this stimulation, you place the ball at the muscle’s origin point on a bone and wait.  The pressure of the body laying over the ball increases circulation to the tendon, which begins to soften and initiate release in its muscle.
    Through bone stimulation, YBR can help treat osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and other bone problems.
    yamuna zake
    Traction creates space.
    Exerting traction on a muscle tells the muscle what direction to release toward. In YBR, the weight of the body pressing down into the ball applies traction at the muscle’s origin, awakening its memory of its proper function and triggering it to release in its natural direction from origin to insertion.  In this way, the muscle elongates through its entire length, creating space.

Who is Yamuna Zake?

yamuna zake
Yamuna has made it her mission in life to help people;
help them to feel better, move better, gain strength and overcome pain.

She began practicing Hatha yoga at the age of 15 and qualified as a fully certified Hatha Yoga teacher the following year. In 1977 she founded Serenety Yoga, one of the first Yoga Studios to open in New York at that time. Next to her Yoga teaching, Yamuna was completing her Masters Degree in alternative education. She also specialized in Herbal and aromatherapy studies and created her own range of aromatic oils.
In 1979, Yamuna’s life changed completely. Whilst giving birth to her daughter, Yael, Yamuna sustained an injury to her Hips. She was unsuccessful in finding a suitable therapy or treatment for her injury. This drove Yamuna to start experimenting with different Yoga techniques and methods to treat herself and ultimately it was in this way that she was able to help herself and and more importantly heal herself: Yamuna® Body Logic: has become a recognised and very successful treatment therapy worldwide. YBL is a massage technique whereby you use your elbows to relieve tension in the deep seated muscle tissue, bringing about a longer and more effective “release”.
Despite the unbridled potential of Yamuna Body Logic to treat people, Yamuna always dreamt of creating a method that didn’t require you to attend a class or session with a qualified therapist or instructor, a method that was easy to understand and that could be carried out by the individuals themselves. She started to experiment with various plastic “toy” balls until finally, after 5 years of research and collaboration with a manufacturer, the Yamuna Balls were created. These are the very balls that we use for “body rolling" training today. Yamuna® Body Rolling became a huge success- with word spreading fast about how quickly positive changes to the body could be seen using this new technique of body sustainability. In 2003 she opened her new studio in Manhattan where she taught: Yamuna© Body Rolling as well as her other methods, which derive from YBR such as -Yamuna® Foot Fitness, Yamuna® Save your Face and Yamuna® Table Treatment.
Yamuna, named after a river in India, is an internationally recognised and celebrated teacher, bodyworker, as well as herbal and aromatherapist, who is dedicated to sharing her work and boundless energy with people all around the globe.
For more Information on Yamuna and upcoming events please visit her website.

Foto: used with permission.

Yamuna Practitioners

Educated and certified Yamuna Trainers are called Practitioners. Currently there are over 500 practitioners teaching the Yamuna method in 25 countries worldwide.You can find an up-to-date overview of all Yamuna Practitioners here.
At the moment there aren’t so many Yamuna Trainers in Austria, but that is sure to change very soon ;)

Yamuna Practitioners in Austria:


Antoinette Manhart
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Face Ball
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
    Yamuna® Pilates
Barbara Frazl
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
Clarice Martins
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
Jolyane Langlois
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
Maria Arzberger
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
Maye Riess
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
    Yamuna® Pilates Fusion
Moravia Naranjo
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Breath Work
    Yamuna® Face Ball
    Yamuna® Face Ball Advanced
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - propless
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - wakers
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - savers
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - sole heelers
    Yamuna® In Bed Work
    Yamuna® Body Rolling for Licensed Massage Therapist
    Yamuna® Pilates Fusion
    Yamuna® Pelvis & Pelvic Floor
    Yamuna® Standing Yoga Asanas
    Yamuna® Teacher Training
Radka Westerkamp
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness using Foot Wakers
    Yamuna® Pilates
Sonja Pibal
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness using Foot Wakers
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness - propless
    Yamuna® Pilates Fusion
Sonja Schweitzer
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling
    Yamuna® Foot Fitness using Foot Wakers
    Yamuna® Pilates Fusion
Sophie Tesarik
  • Certification
    Yamuna® Body Rolling

more Yamuna …

footwakers in wien
Apart from the classic Body Rolling, Yamuna Zake has created a number of techniques for specialist areas / situations over the years, I would like to introduce you to some of them here:
  • Yamuna® Foot Fitness
    The feet provide essential support and balance for the rest of the body. You need to care for the feet like the rest of your body. Make them strong and healthy and they will take you where you want to go. You will learn the basic anatomy of the feet, ankles and calves and routines to raise your arches, realign your ankles, avoid future foot problems and improve your workout. The YFF program is a simple, easy to use system that educates you on proper foot function, how to improve gait, alignment, prevent and correct common foot problems, and how to maintain strong, toned and flexible feet throughout your life.
    Yamuna Foot Fitness helps prevent or alleviate common foot problems such as: Plantar Fasciitis, Bunions, Hammer Toes, Morton’s Neuromas, Flat Feet & Fallen Arches
    During the course, we are going to train our feet with the props that Yamuna herself has designed:
    Yamuna® Foot Wakers: developed to increase flexibility, bring back movement and separation of the bones of the foot, improve muscle tone, and increase circulation and to “get your shoes out of your feet.” They wake the feet up and get them moving the way they should.
    Yamuna® Foot Savers: to stimulate bone, remove the effects of continual impact on the bones of the foot, and stimulate the reflexology points of the feet (which also stimulates organ function). Foot Savers work more specifically within the different areas of the foot than Foot Wakers to align bone.
    Years of wearing tight shoes cause the bones to squeeze together. Yamuna® Foot Savers help you straighten each bone out and return it to its natural position.
  • Yamuna® Save Your Face
    We are told that the sun and other environmental factors are the primary causes of skin damage. Yamuna believes that just like every other part of our bodies, the face is subject to tremendous repetitive stress from very early on. We begin to frown, squint our eyes, clench our jaws, grind our teeth, tighten our lips and on and on. Each of us has tension patterns that we are no longer aware of that we do constantly, everyday all day. These patterns cause early bone loss, form wrinkles, cause sinus and tension headaches and TMJ. Repetitive stress and tension over the years causes problems with our sinuses, headaches, TMJ, wrinkles and a myriad of other challenges for our irreplaceable faces! In a Yamuna Face class or workshop, you will learn to stimulate bones, muscle and skin, thereby keeping your face more relaxed AND beautiful!
    Learning how to work on your own face with specially designed balls will give you a way to prevent aging and when you feel the difference in your face when it is relaxed versus your normal, you will want to incorporate this work into your self-care program
  • Yamuna® Table Treatment
    The sequence of the session follows the natural order of the body. All the basic principles of all of the Yamuna® work are applied. The work starts with direct bone stimulation, and then moves out from where the tendon attaches to the bone and then down into the body of the muscle towards its insertion. The ball is used as traction to achieve greater length, tone and freedom of movement. The constant goal of the therapist is to correct alignment of bones and muscles throughout the body and effortlessly increase the client’s freedom of movement.
    People get off the table and know they have had a session. The legs feel free, the hips are super loose, and the torso and head are floating upward!
    This passive training is performed on a massage table using the ball in one side of the body while the practitioner works in the other side, moluding it and spreading it around the ball. In this way you work both sides of the body simultaneously.
  • Yamuna® Body Rolling Self-Care Techniques for Massage Therapists
    People who choose to work as body therapists are motivated by a desire to help others feel better in their bodies. At the same time, massage and other manual therapies can put enormous stress on the therapist’s own body. On average, hands-on therapists develop a work-related injury within less than five years of practice, hampering their
    ability to continue doing the work they love.

    This 12 hour workshop introduces the basics of Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®), a practical, powerful system that can keep massage therapists free from injury. YBR® was initially developed by Yamuna Zake to keep her own body from breaking down while working with her hands-on therapy, Yamuna® Body Logic. Additionally, she wanted to give her clients a tool that they could use in between their therapy sessions with her.

    YBR® for massage therapists focuses on:
    • Self-assessment to determine which areas of the body are subject to too much impact and wear and tear;
    • Aligning the bones in every area of the body, then aligning the muscles to the bones, thus keeping the body strong and avoiding breakdowns;
    • Assessing the massage therapist’s working position; determining whether it is optimal for the therapist and
    • finding more efficient and sustainable ways to position the body;
    • Using YBR® as a practice tool to prevent and heal injuries and correct unhealthy work positions, so that the body remains properly aligned while working;
    • Determining which routines will best prevent habitual work patterns from settling in and becoming calcified.

    Topics covered in the workshop include:
    • Breath Work
    • Foot Fitness
    • Aligning the Femurs & Thigh Muscles
    • Pelvis & Hip Integrity & Alignment
    • Decompressing & Stabilizing the Lumbar Spine
    • The Rib Cage
    • The Back & the Sides of the Body
    • Hands & Wrists
  • Yamuna® & Pregnancy
    During your pregnancy your body goes through gradual changes throughout the nine months. To know how to keep your body strong, well aligned, elongated and flexible at each stage will assure that you breeze through your pregnancy maintaining grace, good posture and minimum discomfort.

    Yamuna® Body Rolling offers a way to maintain your body it its most optimal alignment and length throughout the 9 months. It is both a relaxing and toning experience that can put you into a meditative space allowing you to focus on your growing baby and the messages and changes occurring in your body.
  • Yamuna® Pilates
    Combining Yamuna® and Pilates is one of the best ways to get the intended results from the Pilates method. Both methods are dedicated to working slowly and methodically to help you build a strong, toned, well -aligned body. At the core of Pilates is the concept of how to connect the abdominal muscles to the spine creating core stabilization to be able to move safely and correctly out from. Yamuna Body rolling can quickly help you to achieve this correctly. 

    What Yamuna® Body Rolling combined with Pilates can do for you: 

    -Because all of the Yamuna® work is based on aligning and reorganizing the structure so that it will function optimally it makes sense to want to combine it with Pilates. It will enhance your results. 

    -Yamuna® combined with Pilates will improve your ability to perform the Pilates mat class and avoid common areas of over use. 

    -By combining the Yamuna® abdominal and spine work to a Pilates mat class many of the core principles of Pilates become easier and more effectively felt in your body. 

    -Using the Yamuna® ball as support during a Pilates mat class can help you to work through restricted areas that have kept you from successfully performing the exercises before. 
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